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By Now, you have already taken several steps to make an informative home purchase. You have selected a Professional Realtor® to find a home that meets your needs and you have gathered information about lenders, insurance agents and other professional services.

The next important step is to select a Professional Home Inspector that is qualified to inspect the home you have selected. I am uniquely qualified by education and experience to provide you with a thorough, concise, inspection that will allow you to confidently move forward with the purchase of your home.

I make a special effort to involve my clients in the inspection as much as they want to be. I tell my clients when deficiencies are typical for the age of the home and also tell them if a very serious issue exists. I do not exaggerate the seriousness of an issue. My experience is that most deficiencies found can be fixed.

I assure you that I will make your home inspection a very informative and valuable experience. When my clients tell me “Your inspection was worth every penny” ….it makes me feel great. I hope you will give me an opportunity to “give you your money’s worth.” So you too can “feel great” about your new purchase and know it was inspected by an un-biased professional.


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